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Seriously, You Have To Eat Book for struggling parents

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Seriously, You Have To Eat
Release date: 10/6/2015
This not-so-children’s book is just the humor parents need as they deal with the frustrations of a picky eater! I am lucky I have a son who will try anything and typically likes a bit of every flavor. On his 7th birthday this year, he asked for California sushi rolls and queso dip. Seriously! Akashic Books will release this comedic title just in time for the holidays. If you know someone who has a picky eater, this book will get some laughs!
The illustrations are typical of a defiant child and the words are just like we think, but don’t actually say out loud. Adam Mansbach has written books like this-many with titles I cannot say and type on my family-friendly page. This book is the children’s version of the New York Times best-selling classic with a similar title using more grown-up words!
Bring some humor to the lives of some struggling parents who deal with their picky eater with this book for the holidays! Visit http://www.akashicbooks.com/catalog/seriously-you-have-to-eat/ or search for the title in your favorite book buying site.

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