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See How Master Lock Keeps Your Belongings Protected As You Head Back To School

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Most of you have only a short few weeks until the next school year and you have school supplies, registration dates and clothes shopping on your brains! Have you stopped to think about all these expensive possessions you or your kids have that are considered high-theft items when flaunted around a school campus? How will you keep these items protected? As responsible as you may think your child can be, it takes a quick second for someone to grab and take off with their cell phone, ipod or even the money you handed them to pay the office for a fee or item. I have always labeled my Boys’ items, made sure contacts were up top in their cell phones, but never thought to keep it on lock down while in my child’s possession. I had no idea those products even existed. My son enters 10th grade and carries his own cell and laptop. Master Lock can help you and below are some great items you may want to consider in your back to school shopping list!

What does Master Lock have to offer?
  • Probably the Top item is the Master Lock 1500eDBX dialSpeed Padlock. It is electronic so it is much easier to use than standard turn dials. You can store your Master Code permanentely online so you never forget it and it stays secure. Works on lockers, cabinets and storage units (indoor use only)
  • The SafeSpace portable Safe will keep small valuables such as cash, credit cards, jewelry and phones hidden and locked away to deter someone from easy access to your students valuables.
  • SafeSpace Laptop computer lock keeps all your child’s information and profiles that may be loaded into their laptops and keeps it safe. These locks are designed as a built-in lock slot and you can create your own passcode so you will remember it always while on campus or traveling
  • Speed Dial Set-your-own-combination lock is that simple! I have always feared my sons would perhaps forget their combinations to the store locks we buy and be stuck or late to class and left in an embarasing situation for themselves. This lock makes it so easy to set your own combination with a sequence pattern.
  • The Master Lock Vault is a digital safety box that allows you to store your personal online information in ‘the Cloud’ for safe and easy access wherever you are
About Master Lock’s Master Campus Challenge
Head over to Master Lock’s Facebook page and play the interactive game from July 15-Sept 8 and win some great prizes. Crack new codes all week around the ‘campus’. Hints will be available. There will be daily & weekly prizes as well as the Grand Prize of a Media Center Package! You can play along with your social media accounts as well.
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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post powered by Master Lock’s Back to School Campaign.

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