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School Lunch Options – Ozery Bakery Breads

This feature is in partnership with Ozery

What bread do your kids like their PB&J on? Wheat or white? It’s the same old lunch-PB&J and if we really have the energy we make them ham and cheese sandwiches. They need their grains and we grew up with white or wheat so that is what we offer our kids. Ozery Bakery has raised the bar on bread and this year the lunchbox options just opened wide up.

With options like Cranberry Orange Morning Rounds and Organic One Bun Squares you will have a lot of fun creating meals to get them (or you) through the day. My son loves the cinnamon raisin morning rounds stove toasted with butter for breakfast. As odd as it sounds, I love the apple cinnamon flavor dipped in vanilla yogurt.

The shapes and sizes of Ozery Bakery products can help you make a few mini bites to a square or round sandwich with the favorite fixings. For Anthony’s lunch right now he is into ham, cheese and lettuce with no sauces.

I found these at my local Thriftway and Whole Foods store, but you can check out their store locator and find a retailer need you. But first, you may need to browse their website to see all of the products you can choose from.

So, what will you make for lunch or breakfast with these Ozery flavors? I’d love some of your ideas!

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