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Scented Spaces with the GuruNanda Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser

I have partnered with GuruNanda for this feature


Scented Spaces with the GuruNanda Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser

If you have been following this blog you have heard about our summer move into our new build home. It has been such a journey and we are all moved in and settling down now with time to spare before school starts again and I get back to work. In this new town I will be working at my son’s school so that is comforting to him. It is hard leaving friends at 9 years old and switching schools for grade 4. He has met some great neighbor kids and that helps but they are homeschooled so he is still feeling new at back to school time. We have been so busy planning, unpacking and catching up on writing that he gets our attention in spurts lately. To calm his nerves, and ours, I have had my oils burning a lot in the new home.


This house is bigger than our old home so I need more essential oil diffusers to allow the oils to be present and diffusing in all areas. I like to use invigorating and fresh scents during the day and calming or restful scents at night. I love my oil diffusers as they offer fun scents without the hazards of flames or hot wax. It is all I use in my home. I have candles as decor but never burn them. I just feel safer using a diffuser. I love my newest Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser from GuruNanda.

This Honeycomb shape is modern and sleek so it blends in well with the decor around my home. In fact, of all the diffusers I have this one won a spot in my office. I now have a dedicated office in this new house and I knew this would fit in best with the decor in that room. I love how it fades into a total of 3 colors.


GuruNanda does not only offer diffusers, but many scent choices as well. The GuruNanda essential oils are very pure and 100% natural. It’s like they put the farm in a bottle and delivered it right to me. It is very important that the oils I diffuse are safe to inhale. They offer single scents, blends and even gift sets. I love their Calming Sleep blend in my son’s room at night and I have been burning the SLIM blend in my office during the day. Hop over and see what blends and sets you would like in your home. They have great prices and make great gifts for students who may be heading to dorms where candles and hot wax is not allowed.


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