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ScarAway has your curling iron burn solution

Our mothers always said “it hurts to be beautiful,” and anyone who has ever suffered a curling iron mishap might agree.  Hair styling iron burns are the common result of misjudging the distance between hair and skin, a slip of the grip, or simply being in a hurry.   Often, they leave red, raised (hypertrophic scars) in the least convenient and hardest spots to treat – forehead, neck and hands.

That’s where ScarAway Daily Discs ( – the right size for those small reminders of trauma, come in. ScarAway Silicone Daily Discs use an advanced silicone technology to help shrink, flatten and fade new and old scars in a convenient once daily application.  These disposable discs measure 1.375” and are ideal for scars one inch or less in diameter, such as those that might result from a curling iron burn.  They are easy to apply, and nearly invisible due to their thin, low profile and clear, matte texture.   That means they can be discreetly worn on the neck or hands, so you can heal as you go about your day.   

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