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Many people enjoy sweet treats on various occasions. One way that you can show others you are thinking about them is by creating a cookie bouquet. These are also called cookie baskets. There are various ways to design the baskets, and you can place almost anything in them with the main treat being cookies. If you aren’t sure how to make cookie bouquets, you can search for companies online that make them and can ship them to an address. 

If you want to make your own bouquet, the best thing to start with is a basket. Find one large enough to hold all of the items you want to include. The number of items should be comparable to the occasion. If it’s for a birthday or holiday, then you might want to consider getting a larger basket so that you can include a few more items. You also want to get ribbon and cellophane to wrap around the basket when it’s completed. 

Cookies that you include in the bouquet can be either baked from home or bought from a store. If you have the time and want to make the basket personal, then baking them from home would be a better option. You can make designs like flowers, pumpkins, Santas and more depending on the occasion and the time of the year. When you make the cookies, you can design them so that they are small. Place each cookie on a small stick, similar to one that you would find with a lollipop, and stick them in a piece of styrofoam that you place in the basket. If you want to make larger cookies, then arrange them in a circle around the basket or placed between the other items that you include. 

There are cookie designs for all events, hobbies and interests. Try to add decorations and other items that relate to the occasion. Find out what the person likes so that it’s easier to add items. Decorate the outside of the basket with ribbon and other materials to match the contents of the basket, making it special for the recipient.

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