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Say Bye Bye Pores with these Makeup Choices

Say Bye Bye Pores with these Makeup Choices

If there is one thing I have suffered with my skin at all ages since my teens it is mild acne and enlarged pores. I have tried so many products and then without immediate ratification I try a new product, then another.

With so many pore reducing products advertised it is hard to find the right one. While I search for that magical day and night cream at least I can help the look of my complexion with makeup that can help me say Bye Bye Pores for the day and look my best.

If you grew up in the 90’s then the makeup brand, Hard Candy, should ring a bell with you! I loved their makeup because I could actually afford it back in my teens.

Hard Candy is back! They just launched its Spring Collection from Glitter & Chrome Eyeshadow Duo, Matte Velvet Lip color and Liner, to Sheer Body Luminizer and Powder.

Say Bye Bye pores as well with a few products I am using now and love! Before I apply my morning makeup I use the Hard Candy Pore Defense Primer Serum. It goes on without any greasy residue and works to minimize the appearance of my pores while it moisturizes.

At night I apply the Pore Primer Stick. I like to use this after washing my face. It seems to work well so far using the stick at night and the serum in the morning. You could use in any combination like serum, primer stick then makeup as well.

Then there are some other fun new products like the Eyeshadow Dual Stick and Plumping Lip Gloss. You will love the new choices and the same affordable price we know from Hard Candy. Find at retailers nationwide!

Great for Easter Baskets!

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