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Savings Sundays: Free Shipping & first $10 Free on all Paulas Choice Skin Care Products

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When was the last time you stopped and took time for yourself? When you hear the word ‘pamper’, what do you think of? Facials, Pedicures, Massage? Whatever it may be, chances are it involves time out to care for your skin and body. Heading to the drugstore for skin care is something I rarely do. Why? Because it is overwhelming and I really don’t know what I am getting in regards to value and comparable products. It is important to stop and take time for you. Using products that are natural and clinically proven allows us to treat our skin daily-no special stops at salons or wasted time reading boxes of products in the drugstore. Just a cup of coffee or tea at your computer, some online information and real reviews and hit submit order! Then a few days later, your skin regimen arrives and you feel accomplished you are about to treat your skin to the ingredients it craves and it is all for you. Does online ordering intimidate you due to shipping? That is why I bring you a site that does not charge shipping! Now what’s your excuse?
How to Navigate Paulas Choice Website
  • First Stop: Daily deals! you will find popular products at a great price
  • Product Finder: Mid-page you will see 3 scroll down boxes. Choose a category, Pick up to 2 skin ailments you suffer from and it will find products for you
  • Find Skin care, Books, Gifts, makeup and more
  • Get expert reviews
  • Join the community! Stay updated on promotions and product information
To see more and get your coupon for your first $10 free, visit (must click through this link to get coupon)
Disclaimer: I may be offered product for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. She wrote a book called "Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal" that is no longer in print but I seriously think I've heard of it.

    Thank you for introducing me to a new skincare product line!

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