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Savings Sunday: Les Cinq Amandes (The 5 Almonds) party favors & promo code

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Customized Party Favors

What is the most fun when planning an event? For me, it is putting together unique party favors! Candy always comes to my mind because it can come in fun colors and small enough to fit into part favor-sized packages and everyone loves candy! However, the main reason is that candy is a fashion that never goes out of style and it is affordable. I come from an Italian heritage and candied almonds are always present at events, especially weddings! I love going to weddings and finding these as a guest. I also love to see that they are becoming more personalized. Les Cinq Amandes (The 5 Almonds) is a mother-daughter company that offers elegantly made boxes for a make-your-own favors set. You can choose types of ‘candies’ and the colors. Their are sets or you can make a set. The options of al that is available are listed and you are able to coordinate and order towards your needs. You can mix school colors for a fun graduation party, wedding colors for guest favors in elegant boxes, blue or pink for those baby shower favors, etc.

I chose to have sent a color combination of green, blue and white. They match my nephews and baby-to-be of my brother’s birthstones. I figured it would make an adorable congratulations to their third pregnancy gift and what expecting Mom would not like some candied almonds to snack on?! The gifts and candies at Les Cinq Amandes are elegant and affordable and are a fun solution to your party favor needs!
More about Les Cinq Amandes
  • Find luxurious hand-painted artisan chocolates, clusters, candied almonds & nuts and caramels
  • Find gift boxes and event favor packages
  • Make-your-own option for customizable packages
  • Your purchase helps support many charities through the KH Foundation
  • Founded in 2007
To learn more, visit
Promo Code
Use the code HOLIDAY10 at checkout to save 10% off your order!
Disclaimer: I was provided the above assortment. All opinions are 100% my own.

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