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Saving money on kids lunchbox snacks

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Healthy lunchboxes
I look at heading back to school after winter break as bittersweet. On one hand the kids are occupied and back onto a routine and learning with friends. On the other hand I go back to homework nights and making lunches. The boys have mostly ate home lunches at school. With the exception of pizza day and soup/grilled cheese day, our youngest prefers home lunch. As a parent I want to make sure he is eating healthy and balanced lunches so he is alert and at his best for those long school hours. I make a list, shop with coupons and focus on the ingredients to make sure I am prepared and have a variety of school lunch options for him each week and help me stay organized on saving money for the kids lunchbox snacks.
Lunches for kids
I am a Walmart shopper because they have done a great job of stocking healthier snack and juice options and the prices are right. Now that the winter break is over and round 2 of the school year has begun there is a savings campaign you will find within your local Walmart. During the months of January and February or while supplies last, you will find Better For You themed savings booklets on specially marked Del Monte® Fruit Cup® Snacks and Del Monte® Fruit and Veggie Fusions snack cups.
This booklet has all that you need to cover the snacks your children will love to see in their lunch boxes. Snacks are half the battle so it is a huge relief to know I’ll save on already great prices so I can turn my focus on healthy sandwiches and drinks to finish off the meal. You will find over $6 in instant savings on Pepperidge Farm® Swirl Bread, Welch’s® Fruit Snacks, Pop Secret® Popcorn, Star Wars® Multi Vitamin, Frigo® CheeseHeads® Cheese Snacks and Pearls® Olives to Go as well as Del Monte® fruit cups.
Keep an eye out for these Better For You booklets and save while you focus on healthier lunches for back to school this season.
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