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Save Your Earbud Cords with Cordskinz

This is a promotional post for Cordskinz. Opinions are my own

Have you had to replace your earbuds with a quality pair because of cord snagging or damage? I have and they are no cheap! Not only do I drop my earbuds in a pouch for when I head to the gym, they have been known to be used by my son and found on the floor of my car. The cords get tangled and even damaged. Now that I have Cordskinz on my earbud cord, I don’t have these issues.

Sliding the Cordskinz onto the earbud cord is so easy!
  1. Place earphone wire in the skinner groove
  2. Hold the wire with one thumb and use the other hand to thread the Cordskinz into cylinder opening.
  3. As the Cordskinz catches, pull the earbud wire as the Cordskinz catches and slides onto the wire as you pull
If you have an obstacle such as a volume button on the cord. You simply do the process twice on that one side. It was flawless and my Ice Blue Cordskinz are now protecting my wire from damage and tangling. There are 9 colors to choose from-ice blue, black, glitter pink, lavender, lime green, neon yellow, red, sky blue and white.
Right now you can save! Get 3 Cordsinz for the price of 2!
Your Cordskinz purchase will benefit a few charities such as Humane Society of US,, Paws & Stripes, Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center and Grace Ministries International! Learn more and find the color you desire to keep your earbud wires protected at

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