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Save Time Cleaning your Home with Perago

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WEBslider+5 I am that clean nut. I always spot clean and pick up items every night to keep tidy. On Fridays I do my wipe down clean- windows, bathrooms and floor deep cleaning. I finish with choosing a scent for my essential oil diffusers and enjoy the clean before the busy weekend hits. If we are busy on a Friday I feel like my home is incomplete. This is because I take pride in my home and having it sparkle and with a clean appearance is mood changing and just adds to the comfort inside.

I love when I find products that are effective and save me time. The sooner I get the house dazzled on my Friday’s the longer I can enjoy the results in peace before my son is home from school and my husband home from work to start our weekend together. I was sent a floor sweeper from Perago and have a vacuum but never owned a sweeper before. This was exciting because I have a small area upstairs to keep clean and I hate lugging the large vacuum up and down the stairs. With the sweeper it suffices in pickups from the floor up there and I don’t have to use the main vacuum each time I clean.


We just dropped the middle son off at college and his room was de-teenagered and is a guest room. I still have his stuff here and there so it feels like his room when he comes home. However, I just let the room grow up a bit in decor. The girl posters from a car meet came down and the desks were cleared and cleaned. The floor was deep cleaned and I can still pick up dog hairs and snack food crumbs when I sweep. Taking a room from teenager to adult is a large task. Perago was a part of this process and the sweeper is so lightweight and swivels in the turns of his small room very well. I can tilt and let it get under his bed where my large vacuum cannot reach and found lots of fun stuff under there.


Perago has products that clean effectively and also work to kill bacteria with steam technology. Pergao has a handheld steamer and a steam mop and sweeper for those tough jobs where germs grow rapidly. They pride themselves on saving you time, cleaning effectively so you can enjoy more time for yourself. At under $70 for my motorized sweeper, Perago makes their products affordable. Visit to learn more and see how their products can help you save time cleaning.


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I agree. Perago sweeper is the best.