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Save on Harlem Globetrotter tickets

This is a promotional post for Harlem Globetrotters

Don’t Miss The Harlem Globetrotters Coming to Seattle on Feb. 15. 

Save $7 Off Select Tickets to any Harlem Globetrotter Game with promo code: FAMGUIDE now on sale! 

The iconic Harlem Globetrotters are coming to an arena near you with their unrivaled family show, featuring some of the greatest athletes on the planet. With incredible ball handling wizardry, amazing rim-rattling dunks and trick shots, side-splitting comedy and unequaled on-court fan interaction, this must-see event is guaranteed to entertain the whole family creating memories that will last a lifetime. The Globetrotters will face a great challenge this year against the Washington Generals who were the last team to beat the Globetrotters in 1971, and are now coached by a former member of that team. They are on a mission and will do whatever it takes to win, with a new strategy that is sure to give the Globetrotters a run for their money. 

Reserve tickets now in an Arena near you! My Readers save $7 Off select tickets to any Globetrotter Game this season at 
Use promo code FAMGUIDE

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