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Save money on razors with van der Hagen Safety Razors

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Do you cringe when you run out of razors and are standing in the shave aisle in the store and see the price of refills? I do and with a house of boys I can go broke on razors alone. Of course, we want a quality razor so we are not left with razor burn or stubble and the better the razor, the higher the price. This is why I am glad I fond the van der Hagen safety razor. You buy the quality hand razor and the refills are under $6 for 10 blades! That is ver affordable!
If you are asking yourself “Whoa, are those the REAL blade razors?”, the answer is yes and they are great! I thought that at first and have seen these at Target and had been a bit scared, but I read reviews of how great of a shave they leave you and had to try it. I will never use another disposable, overpriced razor again! The shave is so smooth and lasts longer. It is intimidating to insert a real blade and of course these are sharp so I keep mine up and away form my son, but all razors are blades that are just set in different ways within the handle. 
The van der Hagen Safety Razor come with teflon coated blades that are made in Germany. No cheap blades that leave you with nasty razor burn despite creams and lotions. We have all had our own experiences with dull razors! It has a butterfly opening making blade changes easy (warning: it is so easy that you DO NOT want to keep them where children could reach)! I like the short handle. It took me a bit to get used to as I am used to a longer handle, but it is so sleek and easier to use now. 
You will feel like you officially are shaving like a man with a shave that is so smooth and lasts longer! Saving money on blades is an added bonus. The razor itself is about $24 and will last a very long time. You are paying for quality up front then only about $6 for a 10 pack of refills. It does save money!
Look for these at your local retail and drug stores or on Amazon.
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