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Save money on laundry using Eco Nuts Organic Soaps

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With so many products on the market to choose from for your home, body and clothing it can be hard to decide what products are best for us. Many factors are used to determine a brand we choose from sensitivities we may have to the overall health of the product itself. With laundry detergent, many brands are loaded with preservatives and chemicals that are really not healthy on the skin for any reason. Whether you have skin sensitivities or not, choosing a natural laundry detergent means your clothes are clean and free of the chemicals your family snuggles up to each day.
“But all-natural detergents and cleaning products cost a fortune and are not available to me!”
Eco Nuts is organic and safe for all skin-types and costs about 12 cents a load! As far as availability-Toys R Us, Amazon, Whole Foods, TJ Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond, Homegoods and Marshall’s are just a few of the many retailers who carry Eco Nuts brand.

What is Eco Nuts?

Eco Nuts is a brand of laundry care that is certified organic and are nut allergy safe. The derivative is a berry shell that naturally contains soap and is found in the Himalayans on a tree called  Sapindus mukorossi (Soap Berrry). The name for this naturally-producing soap is Saponin and Eco Nuts found a way to get that soap directly to your washing machine without unwanted chemical and preservatives. 

Saponin breaks the surface tension of the water and penetrates the fibers of your clothes. It then lifts dirt from the fabric and keeps it suspended in the water where it is washed away. This process was fascinating enough to grab the attention inside Shark Tank where it was recently featured. The Eco Nuts Soap Nut is gentle for those with allergies, eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin. It is fine to use in septic and water tanks and even your HE machine.

“What about insecticides because it is from nature?”-Bugs do not like the taste of the soap nut so that is never an issue and no pesticides are needed. It is a nut! It grows on a tree and it doesn’t get more natural than that! The only difference you will notice in your wash is that it does not give a suds like you are used to with commercial products, but it does clean! I now use it all the time with a house of boys through teenage years!
You will find over 20 variations of products using the Eco Nuts Soap Nuts in this line from liquids or berries you just toss in a provided bag and use 10 times before tossing and you can even find Oxygen Boosters. 
Visit to learn more and find the nearest retail or order online through various sources.
The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win the package above-EcoNuts Organic Laundry Soap and Liquid. Open to continental US and ends 7/23. Good luck!
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