How To Save Money On Your Child’s Birthday Party

All parents want their children to great birthday party but this can turn out to be quite expensive these days, with many parents spending over $1,000 on a bash. There is this pressure to throw a celebration party that is elaborate. The trend is growing as more parents embrace the numerous opportunities available. However, when the budget is low, your priority may be to save as much money as possible. Here are some ways in which this can be done.

How To Save Money On Your Child’s Birthday Party
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Save Money With Invites

It is always an alternative to send an email invitation or think about something that is out of the box, like writing party details on balloons. Also, you can always share the party with another child that has a close birthday date or make the party shorter. Obviously, keeping guest numbers low will reduce expenses. You can do that by adding to the invite that sisters and brothers of the guest are not invited.

Save Money With Catering

Although youngsters do not eat that much, parents do end up cooking a lot more than they should. The truth is that ice cream, crisps and sandwiches are usually all that is needed. You can easily hire a catering company that has experience with such a party. As an example, visit Flavours Catering Sydney. Alternatively, you can always ask friends and family members to bring some food. Decorations and tablecloths can be borrowed from friends or you can turn decorating into a fun party activity by allowing children to draw with crayons.

Save Money With Venue Selection

Obviously, the cheapest option is to have the party at home but this is not a good thing for some parents. In this case you can always opt for a summer picnic party at the local park. You can also consider local halls or play centers. Make sure that you avoid the peak hours and see if there is no problem when you bring food.

Save Money With Entertainment

Professional entertainers for children’s parties will always be expensive. You can keep costs and stress down when you do everything yourself. There are many different online classes that teach you how to be a great entertainer at a child’s party. Also, in many cases just traditional play games like musical chairs or blind man’s bluff can offer all the entertainment that is necessary for children.

Save Money With Party Bags

It can be quite stressful, expensive and time consuming when you create these bags. The simple process of buying cheap plastic toys from local $1 shops can add up the costs really fast. Think about what you can offer as gifts without breaking the bank. For instance, buy a cheap book series and allow the guests to take one that they like on the way out. Browse online sites in order to get interesting ideas of what you can put in the party bags when on a budget. Simply look around and see what recommendations are made by other parents.

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