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Save cooking time with Tupperware Microwave products

I was sent samples for an honest review.

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When it comes to entertaining or cooking for the family, what hacks do you use? I like to throw all I have together and cook in one place like a pressure oven or cooker. I can set it and do other things while my main dish cooks on it’s own this way. Whether you are making a soup or a roast or a large pot of grains or veggies, Tupperware has microwave products you will fall in love with. Meals you can cook fast in your microwave that turn out great! They have many, but I wanted to highlight 3 favorites of mine!

You will use this in your microwave, but it is not the microwave that cooks your food with this steamer. Instead the microwave is used to boil the water in the bottom tray only and from there steam rises perfectly and it is that steam that cooks your food. This explains the two-tiered design you see in the image below. When you steam veggies and greens you retain their nutrients and it tastes better!

This rice cooker allows you to enjoy rice or grains and you can serve from this piece as well. To cook, simply add the insert and snap on the lid. To serve, remove lid and insert and carry the container by its handles to the table. It is so easy to use and no messy boil overs. Cooks up to 4 cups of rice at once.

Cooking a feast and have the oven or stove occupied? You can use this pressure cooker in the microwave to create your delicious recipes cooked evenly and fast. This is so easy to use with fail-safe features for safe cooking. It is 2 quarts in size to cook a good amount of food from small roasts to soups. See the video below for a great example of how this works.

To see all of the Tupperware products available, visit http://www.tupperware.com/ and follow on Facebook!
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