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Save 20% Off All Orig3n DNA Tests – Our Child Development Test Results

Comment: I was sent a DNA test to try. Opinions are my own

Chances are you have seen DNA testing popping up in ads and gift ideas. I had done a DNA test last year for myself and this year we did a cheek (protein) DNA test through Orig3n – the Child Development DNA test for our son.

Once Anthony swabbed his cheeks as directed we capped it and mailed out in the provided envelope and now we wait!

When results are ready (ours took about 3-4 weeks), you get an email and the tab in your app will open to results. This is what the top page looks like (below) so you can go directly to the result area you want.

Anthony was so impressed at how spot on his results seem to be. Funny, his 11 year Physical was last month and he brought up his ongoing knee pain with soccer at times. Dr. did some exams and in the past he has had Xrays/scans that found nothing abnormal and his Dr. had talked to him that he is tall and growing fast and he has to really warm up his joints and body. Pain is about all those muscles and ligaments being worked hard as they grow and so when the proteins he carries shows his muscle force is strong while he has a disadvantage in joint strength and flexibility it was just as Dr. had described weeks earlier.

As for an advantage in memory? He has always scored above average on his standard testing and is a straight A student and works very little for those grades. He is known by family as the kid with an outstanding memory-he can tell us what we all wore one day last year or what he ordered years back at a certain restaurant. Makes me jealous!

Which test is right for you?

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Dana Rodriguez

This is really interesting. I have been curios about these!


I’ve never seen one quite like that before.


my daughter did this before she sent off on my 14 year old grandson told her add and the memory thing is from me


before my kid sent this off i told of her the problem she thought it was from dad and i told her what wa form me

Linda Manns Linneman

This is very interesting. I have not heard of this before. I will have to check this out soon. Thank you so much for sharing

Mia Rose

Interesting how much information can be found from a DNA test like this.

Shannon V Holmes

This sounds interesting. thanks for sharing your review.

Melissa Storms

Very interesting. I am going to ask my teen of he would be interested in getting this done.