Satisfy the Work Day Savings with Snacks from Shoplet

Samples sent from Shoplet for feature



Shoplet offers products from office furniture to cleaning supplies. You can also find restaurant products and medical supplies as well. Even food and snacks for the break room can be purchased from Shoplet, so let’s look at these Jif PB Granola Bars at a great price from Shoplet. 


These Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bars are so delicious. My 8 year old has eaten one a day since our samples arrived. If you love that Jif taste you get it along the top and bottom of this bar. The center is alike a cluster of nuts and sweetness. They are chewy and great to grab for a satisfying on-the-go snack. Who knew you could find such a fun lunch or midday snack through an office supply e-store? From coffee, creamer and granola bars, a big part of that office time is snack and lunch breaks so they are as important to have around as that cup of paper clips.


If you have been looking to bulk order and save as you schedule future orders, I highly encourage you to visit Shoplet. If you know a business owner, this is worth a share for them. Stop by for all of your back to school and office needs. You will love the selection and prices.

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