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SANSI 22W Omni-directional Ceramic LED Light Bulbs

Thank you to Sansi for sending product for featureSANSI 22W Omni-directional Ceramic LED Light Bulbs


It is a long phrase that does so much, SANSI 22W Omni-directional Ceramic LED Light Bulbs. Sansi is the brand name and I will include more about the brand below. Omni-directional refers to the light that is dispersed in all directions. Ceramic LED refers to the material and energy-saving build of the bulb. It turns on instantly with no delay. The lumens in this bulb are great for daylight and reading at 3000 lumens, 5000k daylight brightness. This is what you would put in floor, table or ceiling lamps to replace those 250-200 watt bulbs.

Why choose SANSI LED bulbs?

  • Energy Efficient – Equivalent to a 150-Watt incandescent bulb, these 17-watt LED lights can help you save hundreds over the lifetime of the bulb
  • Quality – SANSI bulbs are crafted to international safety and reliability standards, including UL
  • Safe on the eyes: Along with dimmable adjustability that saves on energy costs, our LED bulbs offer no flicker and stable control to protect your eyesight
  • Warm Light- These gorgeous LED bulbs provide soft, warm white lighting to help reduce eye strain, increase visual range, and enhance décor.

I use SANSI LED lights in my home. Because the lighting is a big enough difference in crispness and more direct lighting I am in the process of replacing all of my lighting, especially in the kitchen with LED bulbs. You can find the SANSI bulbs on Amazon such as the SANSI Omni-directional Ceramic LED Light Bulb I am using in my home.


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