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Sands Alive! 3D Animal Set

This is a promotional post for #SandsAlive3DAnimals

We have seen these modeling sand sets in stores and they always grab my son’s attention. I have even caught my husband playing in the modeling sand displays. It really is mesmerizing and although my son does not have sensory disorders, my first thought was how beneficial this modeling sand would be for those children who need to play independently with sensory disorders. The sand is so soft and warm to the touch.
As you can see in the video above, this set contains 3 animal casings that when you fill with sand and close together, create 3D animal molds that will stand up in your tray. Add an extra touch with the paw print roller and it is highly entertaining for the kids. 
The set comes with a play tray, modeling sand, 3 double 3D animal shapes, cat paw track and roller with handle. The sand never dries out and there are no bacterial issues. You can find Sands Alive! 3D Animal sets on Amazon and it is an Amazon Prime qualifier. 

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