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Salvador Kitti Wild & Endangered Animal Accessories

I was sent sample for feature

It’s another great Kickstarter on some great accessories that have been featured on TV, News specials and blogs. Salvador Kitti has wild, exotic and endangered animal accessories for the whole family. As I browsed the products I found my son’s second favorite animal. My son is 8 so he has a favorite, second favorite, third favorite, etc.. of everything. When it come to animals he is obsessed ( obsessed is an understatement) with meerkats. His next favorite are lemurs. I could not find a meerkat on any product but saw the Sassy Socialite (Lemur) pattern and knew he’d love it.

At 8 and as an animal lover, I chose the Paw Pouch so I can keep his meds and toothbrush products together when he stays the night with Grandma or his best friend. It fits in his suitcase and holds it all. Plus, he is proud to show off his lemur pouch.

Salvador Kitti is committed to the cause of saving animals. Amy Pugh rescued a stray cat she never thought that animal would change her life’s purpose in such a huge way. That cat had 5 kittens inside her Atlanta, GA home, one of them being Salvador, who immediately stood out for his curiosity with her artwork. Soon, Salvador started painting himself, dipping his paws in the paint and walking across the canvas. From here, Salvador Kitti was born.

Please head over to her Kickstarter page and see what each pledge amount gets you. You pledge even a small amount and you get a perk! If donating is not something you can do, please share this. It always feels good to support a new business entrepreneuer.

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