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Salt & Pepper Grinder Set


SMHealth Kitchen S&P

I have the Salt and Pepper Grinder Set from SM Health Kitchen. I have been in the habit of making gift baskets for the holidays and birthdays and love to find useful items to include. Some of the baskets that have gone over well are ones where I include a Salt & Pepper Mill, some salts, a cookbook and sometimes snacks to fill in the holes and add color. This set is a nice addition.


What makes this mill unique is that is is an adjustable, ceramic unit. You can select to grind, mill or crush peppercorns, salts and other spices. It grinds real smooth without catching and is a consistent size of spices. I even use it with some sea and himalayan salts I have and love to cook with. It is very easy to use and a great design to match any kitchen decor.


It is available on Amazon at

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