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Salonpas for a healthier pain relief

This is a giveaway post for Salonpas.

If you or someone you know suffers from pain, you know how unpleasant swallowing pills and ingesting OTC medications is. Not only is it unpleasant, it is just another medication we have to digest and that is not always the healthiest option if you are consuming certain analgesics over long periods of time. Salonpas offers topical relief that works! I have been using it for years. I have a bulging disc in my neck and when it flares up once or twice a year, it is extremely painful! Salonpas Pain Relief Patch has brought more relief on the spot than some OTC medications I have taken. Currently, I am using the Salonpas Deep Relieving Gel for a tendonitis I have in my foot. I have some rubbed in as I type this and have not used an oral analgesic in 2 days. Aches and pains are common with fitness regimens.
Salonpas offers a healthier option in a range of topical pain-relief products from patches and gels to sprays and arthritis relief. There are so many ailments that do require oral medications that also promote pain-diabetic limb pain, arthritis, athletic injuries, DVT, etc. Trying Salonpas and discovering it works for your pain can mean one less oral medication you need to take regularly. The patches are clinically proven to relieve mild to moderate pain.
Salonpas Patches
  • Pain Relief Patch-The first & only FDA-approved 12-hour OTC topical pain reliever
  • Arthritis Pain Patch- first & only FDA-approved 12 hour relief for joint, sprain and bruise relief
  • Gel Patch Hot-Menthol for a cooling, soothing sensation & Capsaicin for long lasting heat, hot sensation relief
  • Salonpas Original Patch-For stiffness & tightness in the neck and shoulders
  • Salonpas Patch Large-For wide areas of pain
  • Salonpas Patch Hot-Provides heat for effective 8-hour pain relief
Salonpas Gels & Sprays
  • Salonpas Jet Spray-One medication to freeze pain and another to keep it away
  • Deep relieving gel-three active ingredients, camphor (3.1%), menthol (10%), and methyl salicylate (15%), that penetrate deep, providing effective relief for up to 8 hours
  • Massaging Foam-relieves aches and pains
The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win 5 Salonpas products: Salonpas Deep Relieving Gel, Salonpas Pain Relief Patch, Salonpas Pain Relieving GEL-Patch HOT, Salonpas Pain Relieving Massage Foam and the Pain Relieving Jet Spray
Enter below. Open to US. Ends 9/30

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Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. Giveaway fulfilled by sponsor.

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