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Safety Tips For Biking In The City

Safety Tips For Biking In The City

Bike enthusiasts know the exhilarating feelings that come along with taking a ride through the city where they live. When you ride a bike, you experience the power and freedom of human propulsion, and you get to take time alone to get lost in your thoughts; expert bike riders often compare a good ride to a hardcore meditation session. This is great when you aren’t exposed to a lot of traffic, but people who ride their bikes in the city need to take some extra precautions.

Cherishing your freedom is part of riding a bike, but you need to remember that city roads can be dangerous. When you’re on a bike, minor collisions and major spills can both have devastating effects, so make sure to take these precautions every single time that you ride:

Consider Yourself Part Of Traffic

When you’re on a bike, you need to remember that you are part of traffic. Experienced riders realize this, but novices often make the mistake of thinking of themselves as pedestrians. You’re in a vehicle, so that means that you have to obey traffic laws just like all the other automobiles around you.

When turning in traffic, use hand signals to let others on the road know what you are doing, and always make sure that you are riding defensively. A fender bender is no big deal when you are in a car, but when on a bike, simply tapping someone can cause serious injury. When riding through the city, take your time; drive defensively by anticipating what the traffic around you is doing.

Dress The Part

Riding a bike without a helmet in the city isn’t a good idea. Bike enthusiast Kenny Slaught is a big proponent of riding safety, and he says that it is common knowledge that helmets can save lives, but many people still refuse to wear them. Helmets can be uncomfortable, but you need to remember that a bit of discomfort has the potential to drastically minimize your injuries after an accident.

Always wear bright colors when on the road. People get distracted when they drive, and if you’re wearing bright clothes, they are much more likely to notice you. When they see you, they can avoid you, and this keeps you safe. This is especially important at dusk; you never want to go out in a black outfit when it is dark outside. Stick to bright and reflective colors.

Stay Vigilant

Biking defensively is one of the best ways to stay safe on the road. Be ready for other drivers to not follow the rules; when you do this, you can avoid sticky situations. If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll stay safe during your ride.

Biking is an awesome way to get around the city. When you use our cycling tips, you’ll stay safe, and this will allow you to enjoy your passion for many years to come. There are some inherent risks that come along with cycling, but they are easily minimized.


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