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Safe Sunscreen for the Entire Family

thinksport and thinkbaby partnered with Parenting Healthy for this feature

Safe Sunscreen for the entire family

It is the same thought process every spring as we head into summer. We think about the products we will need for the summer and have all the best intentions of finding the best of everything. We look for the cutest swimsuits, fun beach towels with characters for the kids, most effective band aids and the safest sunscreens.

Then one day we are at the store, see a sale on an end cap and all thoughts of best go right out of the window for price and convenience. That may work for your beach towels and swim suits, but let’s make it a goal to really think about the sunscreen you spend your money on this summer. I want to introduce you to the Thinkbaby and Thinksport brand.

thinkBaby sunscreen

Just remember this active ingredient: Zinc Oxide. The general sunscreens (the majority of the ones on the store shelf that have long-named active ingredients and don’t list zinc oxide as one) use chemicals that actually break down in the sun and need to absorb into your skin. The Zinc Oxide mineral does not absorb into your skin.

Now you still want to reapply any sunscreen especially if you are spending the day wet and in the water. With the Thinkbaby and Thinksport sunscreens it is water resistant for 80 minutes. It is the first sunscreen to have passed the Whole Foods Premium Body Care requirements.


Once you find a sunscreen with zinc oxide as the active ingredient you want to focus on application. It may be safer but no one wants to feel greasy all day. Thinkbaby and Thinksport really do work well in this ways with its mineral based formula. We do not feel oily after application at all.

Your skin is your largest organ of your body. More and more it is becoming highly recommended that we consider the creams, soaps and lotions we use on ours and our children’s skin. Thinkbaby and Thinksport does not contain the PABA, parabens, phthalates, BPA, Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Petroleum or toxic chemicals that most brands may contain and absorb through all of the skin layers. Check the labels!

sunscreen experiment

SS project

sun protection science

Bonus * Want a fun science experiment for your children to encourage them to use sunscreen or wear that UV clothing? See Anthony’s video below:

You can find all thinkBaby products at their website. Hop on over.

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