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Safe Catch Elite Tuna #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Safe Catch Tuna

Safe Catch Elite Tuna | Parenting Healthy | https://parentinghealthy.com/

Most likely you have a can or two of tuna in your pantry. It makes for quick lunches or additions to salads. When you bought that can, what criteria did you use to pick that particular can? Do you just choose the cheapest on the shelf? Do you shop by whether it is in water or oil? I used to! I used to take the cheapest, in-water can of tuna without giving a thought to why I should choose the other brands. Tuna is tuna, right? Wrong! Let me tell you about some huge differences and you will never look at those cans of tuna on the grocery shelf again like they are all the same.

Safe Cath Tuna | Parenting Healthy | https://parentinghealthy.com/

You have heard tuna is good for you, but do you know why? Protein and Omega 3’s among other benefits are the most valuable nutrients that come from seafood. How raw and natural the seafood is packed before the cooking process will determine the value of these nutrients. Safe Catch hand picks raw tuna steaks to retain all nutrients then slow cooks it. Safe Catch uses skipjack tuna because it is of the most plentiful tuna. They test each and every fish to a mercury concentration limit of 0.1 parts per million which is 10 times stricter than the FDA action limit. This makes Safe Catch Elite Tuna the lowest mercury limit of any brand.
Tuna-Pico de Gallo | Parenting Healthy | https://parentinghealthy.com/
How is your seafood caught?
Are you reading your label to see if it is pole or troll caught? I always do. Pole or troll caught is just as the name suggests-this tuna or albacore is caught on a line. There are no wasted fish due to nets or tossed at sorting. Safe Catch albacore tuna is caught individually using the pole and troll method. Their Elite tuna is school caught, a process also known as FAD-Free (fish aggregating device free) purse seine. Pole and troll caught tunas are the recommended way to fish-it is natural and no sea life is wasted. If it does not say it was FAD-free, pole or troll caught then it was most likely farmed or net-caught. Catching and buying tuna caught with responsible methods is the best for your sea life. You will notice a slight cost difference as pole and troll catching is a slower process, but you really are making a responsible choice. 
Tuna-wraps | Parenting Healthy | https://parentinghealthy.com/
So take a look at each can of tuna on your next shopping trip. Who has better nutrients-high protein and Omega 3’s and less mercury- and who is doing there part to respect our sea life and environment and pole/troll/FAD-free catching their products? When it is cooked in the method Safe Catch uses by keeping all of it’s nutrients, you get a much tastier product. Even my family notices the better taste of their tuna compared to other brands I used to buy when I only shopped by price.
Remember Safe Catch for your holiday meals and appetizers. Learn more about Safe Catch and remember to choose tuna that has the safest mercury levels for everyone in your family from expecting mothers to children. Visit Safe Catch.

Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

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This looks like good tuna and i love the idea that it is tuna. Gotta try this in my tuna salad sometime.