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Rogers & Hollands Jewelry Gifts for Spring and Summer

Rogers & Hollands Jewelry Gifts for Spring and Summer
Photo Source: Rogers & Hollands Stock Photo

As we soar through this awkward spring into summer so many will finally be able to head out and make those rescheduled travel plans. I have 2 trips to reschedule myself. We spent our time indoors and are eager to get out so we will travel like we are living large (or within our means perhaps).

Before you leave home, treat yourself that next trip. Get that top you want, buy the good makeup and find a new jewelry piece that pops! If you need a gift idea for you or someone else, a new jewelry piece from Rogers & Hollands is perfect for that start of these summer travels.

I have my new summer and travel piece from Rogers & Hollands, the Bead and Cross Fashion Anklet in Sterling Silver. For only $40 this beautiful piece below will be what I wear to travel (for us it is Vegas and a road trip) when I have my shorts and capris on. Anklets make great summer jewelry gifts!

Cross Anklet

Other great jewelry pieces for summer are new necklaces. As we thin our clothing for hot days we need smaller necklaces that won’t be bulky over tank tops and don’t get hot to the touch open to the sun. Last, I also love new rings. Again, when we wear less clothing in the heat some jewelry has a chance to stand out. Having fun rings with shorts, tanks and sandals means they will be noticed. I tend to have rings sized up half a size or so because the heat makes our fingers swell a tad.

Rogers & Hollands has so many selections priced so I can actually afford what I want. Whether shopping for my Mom, sister (or me), we need affordable but still want quality and different styles to choose from and this is why I wanted to introduce you to Rogers & Hollands. Shop now!

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