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Review of CENTS now airing on VOD & Digital HD

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CENTS movie

The movie starts off with a Mother who can’t seem to get into medical school while her daughter, Sammy can’t stay put of trouble at school. Where do the pennies (or CENTS) come in? In detention and from Samy’s calculus tutor’s math question one day in class. In an attempt to make millions in a school penny drive, things start spiraling out of control for Sammy. Sammy may get into trouble, but her mathematical mind is incredible. Her plan just my work and when things do get out of control, her next plan will be to save her reputation.

It is a great movie that would make a good school screener for students. The movie displays a little bit of STEM with a bit of the bullying factor and a lot of teamwork. Within just the first 15 minutes of the movie I was dying to know the outcome.

Cents – Official Trailer from Christopher Boone on Vimeo.

Starring newcomer Julia Flores as the lead Sammy Baca and surrounded by a standout cast of young emerging talent — Lillie Kolich, Jy Prishkulnik, and Claire Carter — and seasoned performers — Monique Candelaria, Esodie Geiger and Lora Martinez-Cunningham. CENTS is written and directed by Christopher Boone, Produced by Boone and Ella Sitkin.  Director of Photography is Corey Weintraub.  Music is by Kathryn Bostic.  Editor is Reuben Finkelstein.

A must see and the entire film is available right now. Head to  for all your watching options.

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