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If you are a parent then you owned Revell model kits or know someone who did as a kid. They were such a hit and I remember several of them around my brothers’ rooms. To take pieces in a box and construct cars, trucks and tanks was such a fun project as a child. However, I remember there was some frustrations. My youngest brother would want to build with older brother but his skill level was not ready to keep up and complete the model. Now we have kids of our own and as early as 6 years old, Revell has kits they can easily build with minimal help.
The Revell SnapTite models are for ages 6+ and come in 26 varieties in this collection. My 7 year old was able to put the 2015 Ford Mustang GT together with very little help-he just needed to be told which direction was the front vs back and that’s all the help he needed. He was so proud to start building and even more proud as he finished it. The only comment he wished for was that there were stickers to decorate, but after I told him no one should put bumper stickers all over a brand new sports car he realized it is best as is.

This new generation of model kits have 3 skill levels for kids ages 6-12. These are snap-together build and play kits that come as cars, aircraft and other varieties. My son had his car together in under 30 minutes and as I went into his room earlier today I noticed he had it placed on the same shelf as his sports trophies. I suppose that says he still feels proud! 
If your child requires more technical building, you can still find the traditional Revell kits at retailers near you. This makes a great project and family time bonding to build with your child. 
Learn more at Revell and follow them on Facebook. You can find these at Michael’s stores nationwide.
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