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Reset Yourself with pure and natural beauty products

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Pure and Natural Beauty Products
Sometimes we need to write it down as a reminder to reset ourselves. For most of us we use the new year as a new start. Sometimes we stick with our resolutions and sometimes life just sort of falls back into a normal we knew and we try again later on. Resetting yourself does not have to be a drastic change, sometimes it just takes a promise to learn what we use on or put in our bodies. This can start with beauty products. Resetting yourself can simply start with changing the beauty products you use.
Why would changing beauty products change us in a healthier way? Most likely the products you are using now contain harsh ingredients. You never think to change to a healthier product because it appears to be working just fine! Have you ever tried switching products? Have you noticed your skin seems to get worse when you change? This is because your skin is actually detoxing!
When you get your skin used to a product with not-so-healthy ingredients your skin adapts to that. When you switch to a simpler and more pure formula you will experience a skin detoxing that can result in redness or maybe breakouts. This does not necessarily mean your skin is reacting to the new product especially when you know that new product is pure and natural, it simply is your body recovering from foreign ingredients you have been using. Makes you want to switch right now doesn’t it?

Pure and Natural Deodorant
Reset Yourself is such a great choice of beauty products as well as other wellness products to help you reset yourself. The value is great and the ingredients are even better. I am using the Reset Yourself Pure Deodorant with a coco-pineapple scent. It has no aluminum, parabens or phthalates and is non-toxic. I actually recognize each ingredients in  the list as pure oils and butters. I also am using the Reset Yourself Pure Moisturizer. It not only leaves my skin moist with a lightweight cream, it nourishes my skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids and is also non-toxic and natural.
If you have never used a brand labeled as pure and natural with ingredients that are non-toxic, make the switch and reset your skin from the inside out. You will be amazed at how much suffering your skin will shed off and how effective natural is for your skin. You can also find more beauty products as well as supplements at At Reset Yourself, it is not just about beauty but resetting your entire self. Head over and learn more.

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