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Remove Grease from These Kitchen Spots with Palmolive Ultra Strength

Thank you Palmolive for partnering with me on this feature. Opinions are my own

Moving is tough enough. We have begun living out of boxes and I have to pack to live in an extended stay for 3-4 weeks until our new house build is complete. That also means I have to scrub this current house for the new family moving in. As I empty cupboards and closets I am finding spots I never thought to clean before and the grime has built and it is tough to clean. Other spaces I do clean often but it still builds so fast.

I have read hacks and made solutions to clean grime and grease from kitchen spaces. Now all I will need to do is add a few drops of the new Palmolive Ultra Strength Dish liquid into a sink of water and that grease comes off like a champ. Palmolive is such a great value as it is and so it is fantastic this new product is strong enough for tough cleaning. No more combining chemicals and finding an empty spray bottle to mix them in.

I am cleaning my cabinets with Palmolive Ultra Strength. With a house of boys and sticky fingers these cupboards hold onto so much grime. The color of them hides it so it is not always obvious to me that they need a wipe down. When I do remember to clean them I am amazed at what they are holding.

When is the last time you wiped down your refrigerator? I do mine about 3 times a year or more. It’s a breeze with Palmolive and water.

When you actually take all of the food out of the pantry you find marks and sauce stains. At least I found some. I dipped my sponge in my sin and wiped the shelves down in no time at all.

To finish off the kitchen wipe down I tackle the appliances inside and out like using the Palmolive Ultra Strength for the microwave and outer surfaces. I also wipe down the window sill and use a toothbrush to get into the tough spots in the tracks.

Palmolive Ultra Strength Dish liquid is tough on the grease yet gentle on the hands. This new formula has been upgraded with over 20% more active cleaning ingredients and is available in 5 sizes at many retailers across the nation. Happy cleaning!

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