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Relieve stress with Carole Shashona’s Blue collection

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature
Sometimes you have gift ideas for the hard-to-shop for on your list and not even those ideas work for them. When you are really stuck, think about gifts they may not even realize they need until they have them and use them. Carole Shashona’s Blue Collection has products that will destress and bring serenity. Whether you are sitting at an office desk all day in a high stress job or at home with a house of kids, the candles, bracelet and mist in this collection will help achieve de-stressing when nothing else works.
Why blue?

Just think of the glowing seawalls of Blue Grotto Caves in Capri, Italy-already feel serenity just thinking about being there? I’d love to be there right now on the seas of Italy and that is the inspiration behind the blue colors in this collection.
Candles & Mists

Purify: essential oils of wild sage and cedar to feel relaxed. The mist can go onto your face under cosmetics so that relaxation is always near your senses. A 5-6 minute light of the candle is perfect to destress.
Empower: essential oils of mandarin citrus and basil for the feeling of joy and prosperity. 
We all could use some empowerment so this makes such a great gift for anyone on your list!

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