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Refresh on-the-go with Good Wipes for men and women

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As you head back to school or join the fall fun runs, have you ever wished you had a way to do a quick wipe down when a shower was not near or possible? Maybe you camp or hike and get so full of dust and dirt you need to feel showered. Goodwipes for men and women were made for this reason! These wipes are larger than a baby wipe in size and are made from gentle and natural ingredients.
Goodwipes are individually packaged and will fit virtually anywhere from your gym bag to a small purse. They will refreshen and have a light scent that makes you smell and feel clean. They are made with tea tree oil, cooling peppermint oil and Ginseng for that awakening freshness.

Goodwipes for women
The wipes for women are a light lavender scent and are gentle enough for the most sensitive areas. 
Goodwipes for men
The wipes for men are a modern cedar scent.
Goodwipes are flushable as they biodegradable. They are about $6 for a box of 10 and you can learn more and get yours ordered today at and from there, enter your email for a sample!
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