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Reduce Alcohol Absorption with the SOBAR

Comment: I was sent a box of SOBAR bars for feature. All opinions are my own.

Let’s face it, between the Holiday parties and winter Weddings chances are you’ll have a little bit to drink at some event soon. Do you snack when you have a drink? I always do. In fact, I really cannot grab a drink if I don’t have something to munch on. Yet, I have been guilty of snacking on too much sugar or carbs and then get too bloated and just feel crummy!

SOBAR is a delicious protein bar that is the world’s first food specifically designed to reduce alcohol absorption. And the White Chocolate Almond Protein Bar tastes so good!

I love that bit of crunch within this bar. It is described as “clean” and “light”, like a crisp vanilla wafer.

Just by visiting their website I learned that the primary mechanism known to control alcohol absorption is through the effects of food in your stomach while you are drinking which is why it is prudent not to drink on an empty stomach. 

SOBAR ingredients help to delay the stomach from releasing alcohol into the small intestine (where it is most rapidly absorbed) and by stimulating the liver’s metabolic elimination of alcohol. That’s about it!

And they actually taste good! They are clinically evaluated and shown to reduce alcohol absorption by about 50% and with only 210 calories a bar! Even if you just need a filling protein snack, you can have a bar without drinking. If you do plan on having some alcohol, eat a bar 5-15 minutes prior to drinking for it to work best.

Visit SOBAR to see all of their flavors and get yours ordered and ready for the Holidays. They are also great to keep out for guests at Weddings and work parties. Also available on Amazon.

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