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Recycling tips and the Flip-IT Cap

This is a promotional post for Flip-It! Cap and an educational editorial from Parenting Healthy

It is amazing how recycling has made a permanent stay in homes all over. We accept the cardboard that piles on the countertops and the bins we place in the garage or under our sinks as we sort before we toss. Most homes do this duty daily for our planet, but did you know you can be recycling wrong? You could actually be placing items in recycling that are very difficult to recycle. You also could not be recycling what you should which can make room in your trash cans if you stop tossing them. 
Things you should NOT recycle
  • Aerosol cans-most will contain chemicals that plants consider hazardous and must be destroyed an not included with recycling materials
  • Diapers-I hope you wouldn’t, but you’d be surprised how many think they are recyclable
  • Glass from the house-windows, mirrors, light bulbs are not recyclable
  • Juice boxes and coated cardboard and plastic boxes or styrofoam-always check the bottom for the recycle logo, if not there, you need to toss it in the trash
  • Wet paper-believe it or not, water will damage the fibers and are considered a contamination risk
  • Bottles/containers with product remaining (even small amounts). Flip-It! can help you here!
Things you should be recycling
  • Cartons-milk or fridge cartons
  • Many recycle centers now accept butter/plastic tubs so check with your local center
  • Condiment or salad dressing bottles (check they have the #2 recycle logo-most do)
  • Food scraps-save a ton of room in your trash and put them in the yard (excluding bread products-those attract bad critters)
  • Berry baskets/boxes (if labeled #1-fine, if labeled #5 you have to see if your local facility accepts recyclable #5 products-many now do)
  • Squeezable bottles (emptied or cleaned out)
  • Plastic shakers such as those spice containers
The Flip-It! caps are a recycle tool! The way it works is you get a convenient drawstring bag that contains a 4 different sized adapters with washers and will fit most commonly used bottles. This saves you the squeezing to get the last few drops. Recycle centers want well emptied and cleaned out plastic bottles, so why rinse that last bit of product down the drain as you clean the bottle when you can make use of it. However, you cannot stand most bottles on its neck so the last bit of product can gravitate near the spout. Flip-It! caps give those bottle a platform to stand upside down and you get to use that last bit of product after all! 
Learn more and order a kit for a gift or yourself today! Stop wasting product and clean out those recyclables before sending them to the recycle center!
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own
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