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Recommended Educational Toddler App: Toddler Puzzle Woozle

This is an App review for Toddler Puzzle Woozle. I was compensated. All opinions are 100% my own

Toddler Puzzle Woozle
Ages: 0-4
Problem Solving * Logic & Cognitive Skills * Concentration * Memory * Linguistics
If you are a parent to a toddler, you have probably already faced the ‘should I hand over my phone to my toddler’ dilemma! When I come across an App I can say is toddler safe, I love to bring it to your attention! Toddler Puzzle Woozle is a free app ($1.99 if you ask iTunes to remove ads which I do)! Once you get rid of those ads, you are safe to hand your phone over. My son is 6 so these were a breeze for him, however he still enjoys picking up my phone and putting the puzzles together despite their easy level for him.

How to play

The home page shows images that once you click on that image, it turns into a scattered puzzle. You simply drag the piece to its position. As you get it right, you get stars and if you place it wrong it falls back to the bottom. Once the puzzle is complete there is a celebration with confetti with music!
Within the features you can turn off the ads. The ads display at the bottom and over the puzzle pieces a bit, so they are easily clickable so I would recommend turning them off! You have language, music and reward settings as well. Within Reward settings it will ask you if you want a long celebration or a short one. For my impatient son, I use the short celebration!
As with any puzzles, Toddler Puzzle Woozle teaches memory, linguistics, logic, concentration and problem solving skills. The age group is 0-4 and 2-3 is the absolute perfect age for this app. Using Toddler Puzzle Woozle as part of a preschool or toddler school syllabus at home or in a classroom can highly support the skills the kids are being taught at this age.  As I mentioned before, even my 6 year old loves it!
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