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ReciFoto: A new recipe app that will link to your website

This is a review program with Mums the Word Network and Recifoto. All opinions are my own.

OK Foodies! I have an app you may love to hear about! ReciFoto is just as the name suggests-photos of recipes that can be easily downloaded and viewed! Having to turn pages in a cookbook is hard when you have your fingers a mess with food and scrolling thorough recipe apps of words and not so many graphics can be tie consuming. I like to find recipes by sight and photos. ReciFoto is a great way for Blogs and sites to share an image with a link back to their recipe so you are getting access to some fun and original recipes in one place.
I have several food Blogs I love to follow and it would be great if all of their recipes were stored under one location. ReciFoto is a recipe app, not another food website. The app is free and you search all recent uploaded recipes or use the menu to filter your search for the recipe you need.
A recipe can be submitted by any user. They will share an image, then add a title which appears up top such as ‘Homemade Condensed Milk’. Clicking on that title will take you to the webpage to read the rest of the recipe. If you are a Blogger or food website, you are leading app users to your webpage by linking the URL from the recipe post to the title of your ReciFoto.
When one of the recipes I submitted is viewed, users see my username, how long ago I posted that recipe, an image and clickable recipe title.

In my profile, I can view all of the recipes I have downloaded and see my follows.
This is a bit like Pinterest with only recipes! You see images as the main view and can always get linked to a webpage with one click. I am so excited I found this app and will be using it for any recipes I post from my site. I can also link my Instagram account for recipes and share in many social media platforms as I add a recipe. 
Tips: Use hashtags to make your recipes searchable. Follow users-like and comment on their recipes to form connections. For a .99 cent charge, you can have collections to more easily store recipes you like. 
ReciFoto is also viewable from your computer by visiting the main site: if you do not want to view in app mode.
Download the app mode today and start adding those recipes!

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