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Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Green Glue for Soundproofing

Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Green Glue for Soundproofing

Unknown to a lot of people, Green Glue could serve as an efficient soundproofing material to block out unwanted noise. The green glue is a compound that works as a dampening agent, which can help to keep out soundwaves from in and out of the house or office. It may not be worth the effort at first, but if you can’t bear the noise levels or afford to let all that loud music from your recording studio get out, then you want to consider one or two soundproofing options. 

Noise reduction sealants are becoming a more common soundproofing choice, especially for home improvement experts who, for some reason, prefer them to other conventional methods. You should know that experts suggest that when it comes to effective soundproofing, you should try a mix of solutions. So, in addition to ply boards and polyurethane foam, you want also to consider a Green Glue sealant. You can read up on other soundproofing materials from this link: https://www.familyhandyman.com/walls/how-to-soundproof-a-room/

What is Green Glue? 

Just in case you don’t already know what it is, green glue is an actual sealant that is used around gaps and joints. This includes the area around where the wall meets the ceiling and floor. It is almost not noticeable to the eyes, but on closer examination, you certainly cannot ignore it. The glue is designed to standard and functions mainly as an acoustic seal. This means that it won’t be able to serve as a water barrier or block out anything else apart from a sound wave. 

Is it Safe?

There are no safety reasons with the use of green glue. As long as you don’t swallow it, or let it get in contact with your eyes, then you are fine. You also want to avoid direct inhalation of the compound and wash thoroughly after each use. The compound is non-allergic and non-toxic, but you should know that it does possess a mild odor that is common with plastic products. 

It has also been tested for fire and is safe to use in fireproof walls to reduce thermal conductivity within the spaces. You want to, however, check your product package for information on how best to use the product and safety procedures to follow.

How Do You Use It?

Green Glue

The green glue is packed in a tube, and to get the content out, you will have to press on it, just like you do your toothpaste. You will need to apply the glue directly to the surface, and if you are working with drywall, it should be a lot easier for you to handle than other types of wall surfaces. There are usually instructions in English and Spanish on the cases of the Green Glue, so you shouldn’t have much hassle getting to use it. 

You want to avoid using the glue on only one layer of drywall. The reason is that Green Glue works best when it is a constrained layer, so it needs to be sandwiched between two wall material for better results. If you hire a drywall expert who knows how to make use of the glue, then you won’t have to worry much about the finish. You can look up this link for tips on installing drywall during home upgrades. 

Benefits of Green Glue for Soundproofing

There are a couple of reasons why soundproofing could be useful around the house. You get to rest more comfortably, as you don’t have to deal with noise from outside the home. But there are other ways you get to benefits from noise insulation with the aid of Green Glue, and they include

  • Prevents Outside Noise 

This is one of the things I love most about soundproofing. You don’t have to worry about noise interference from the outside. With a combination of laminates or boards around the wall and the inclusion of a sealant around the crevices, you could do a great job at keeping noise out from your living space. 

  • Makes Living Comfortable 

It is a lot easier to live in a quiet environment than in a noisy one. With fewer vibrations from the walls, and roof, it is easier to hear conversations, and you don’t have to strain your hearing when speaking with someone in another room. 

  • Safer Environment 

Noise pollution is a significant problem of the environment, and doing your bit to reduce the noise levels from your apartment or home, could be an excellent way to contribute to greener living. While you may also need to consider a greener channel for disposing of your waste or even contemplate composting, soundproofing could be a great way to kick start the campaign. 

  • Stay Friends with the Neighbors 

Soundproofing could help prevent an altercation with the neighbors, especially if you play loud music too often. No one wants to live in a noisy neighborhood, and if you don’t want to be the reason to call up a landlord’s meeting, you want to keep things civil. Instead of apologizing each time or ignoring the door each time you hear the neighbors knock, then, by all means, include noise insulation in your home. 

Where to Find Green Glue 

what to use Green Glue for

There are claims that Green Glue can be used for all sorts of things is challenging to find, and I do agree that you may have to do a bit of research to find one near you. That is especially if you want to purchase your product directly from the manufacturers. Luckily, there are accredited dealers scattered across North America, Europe, and other parts of the world. While you may not be able to order it directly from their website, you could equally find it to buy from third-party distributors and retailers. 

Mind you, not all products will be the same, and if you want to be assured about the quality, you are better off buying from a recognized merchant or Green Glue themselves. 

Final Note 

Soundproofing is something you should consider if you are interested in a quiet apartment, where outside noise is almost eliminated. As I said, Green Glue can be used for all sorts of things and is something you want to consider using, as it is a simple and cheap alternative of blocking holes and tiny spaces where sound waves could pass through. 

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