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Reasons to start a Blog & how to succeed

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I started Blogging in 2011 with my Blog 3SonsHaveI, but in April of this year I changed my Blog name-same Blog but different name that was more relevant. Parenting Healthy is my Blog and I bring health products and articles to my readers to help you raise healthy, active and happy families. I love the focus on natural and organic products because I feel that to bring non-healthy foods and skin products to my readers attention would not match my niche. This is reason number 1 of why to Blog!

Starting a Blog is usually not a random thing. It is a way to take a subject you are familiar with or practice in your lifestyle and share your knowledge and tips with your readers. Are you a good DIY’er, cook or an expert in celebrity news or fitness? If you are knowledgeable and passionate about your Blog’s niche, your readers will see that and want to stick around. A Blog without a niche tends to not hold readership. There is so much online and so many have turned to Blogging. To become a successful Blogger you need to pick a subject-gain followers and keep them by continuing to bring them new information on the topic they expect from you.


I will admit, that a lot of why I Blog is for money. Maintaining a Blog is hard work and very time consuming. To get paid for that time makes it more worth while. See my post: Why are Blogger’s worth the money for your brand’s marketing? I wrote this in a comical way to explain just WHY we do and should get paid if we promote a brand. The tips and random posts, such as this one is to give my readers some fun reading. The product reviews I write are to share products I support and would use myself and the posts I write that are labeled ‘sponsored’ in the top and bottom of the post are ones I was paid for. Then there is the income I get from Google ads and other affiliate advertising. I do not do a ton of ‘ad’ posts as I am not writing to flood my readers with coupons, but I make enough to feel satisfied with little to no effort. Earnings from ads grows as your Blog grows. I steadily earn more and more each quarter as I grow. It takes time.

Does this mean if you start a Blog now, you will start earning tomorrow? No!! It takes time and it is not easy. To get a brand to accept your sponsorship and for them to want to pay, you have to prove your worth. You do that by analytics. Analytics is the ‘online’ system of calculating the value of your blog with visitor counts and new and returning followers. Those numbers need to be always increasing. How do you get those numbers up? Write a lot-the more often you post, the faster you will gain followers. Product reviews count as income and I make money this way. How? I cannot possibly keep and personally use EVERY product sent to me. So, I keep packaging in tact and if it is a product I can use and repackage I can gift it again. Now I can’t regift a frying pan I cooked on or a lotion I tried, but there are plenty of products that come my way that are gifted to family at holidays that I know will love them! When Xmas and birthdays come around, I shop my closet and use the Amazon and VISA stock of gift cards I collect as I get sent some at times as thank you’s or earnings from brands. Blogging funds all of our gifting for all occasions all year round. Sponsored posts help fund our vacations. I work hard and still work harder then what I make. That’s OK, because money isn’t 100% why I Blog, but I am not ashamed to say it is a large percent anyway at this point because I have a voice and following worth its weight in gold to many brands.


I am a SAHM. I get stir crazy. I tell my husband when he starts to comment on my time and franticness as I have sponsored posts due all at once that if I did not do this, I’d just be shopping a lot because I would leave the house out of boredom! As I have grown my Blog, I now am at the point where I am paid enough to call Blogging a part-time job! It is a job now, but a job that keeps me busy and learning something new all the time when I would otherwise feel bored and useless day in and day out as a Mom with kids in school. I have learned a lot in the subject of marketing and SEO as well as social media that if a job arose to do such work from home, I feel qualified. 

I Blog because I like to share healthy tips, I like to keep learning, I get bored and need the passive hobby and the money doesn’t hurt either! Play close attention to what I wrote and read the linked article above if you are considering becoming a Blogger for profit. It is hard work and you will NOT make money overnight. If you still feel like this is your thing then write! Write a lot! Read many posts that are all over the internet on how to get started and succeed. 

Good luck and I am ALWAYS open to chatting and answering your questions! Just ask and my email is in my contact information or message me on my Facebook page!

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