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What it Really Means to be Healthy

Health can mean lots of different things to different people, from the number on a scale to a certain level of fitness. It’s such a broad topic that it’s difficult to define, but the official meaning stated by the The World Health Organization is that it’s a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.

This means that in order to consider ourselves as truly healthy we have to thrive rather than merely survive. Based on this we can conclude that being healthy is a complex connection between mind, body and soul- read on to find out more

Physical Health pexels-photo-7778

Health isn’t all about the physical body, although this of course does play a role. Three important factors that contribute to a healthy body are regular exercise, good nutrition and getting enough rest. A healthy balance of muscle and body fat is important as it will allow your body function at its very best, maintaining a good body mass index (BMI) can give you an idea about your risks for certain conditions or diseases. For example a low BMI can indicate malnourishment and can result in a low immune system, anaemia, muscle wasting and lead to osteoporosis. A high BMI is linked to diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and stroke. If you’re struggling with your weight and are worried about the implications of excessive body weight, a programme like Forskolin Weight Loss can help you to reach your target. Additionally eating a rich and varied diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein should give your body everything it needs. Adding vitamins and supplements is a good insurance policy and will ensure you have all of the micronutrients you need every day, just in case you miss something in your diet. Exercise should be made up of both cardio (government guidelines suggest adults should do two to three hours of moderate aerobic activity a week) and strength training. This will improve your strength, fitness and endurance levels. It will provide your body with a wealth of benefits including stronger bones, stronger immune system, reduction in the chances of developing certain kinds of cancer and diseases and also improve your mental health.

Emotional and Mental Health


The body and mind are linked in more ways than you might think, the connection between mental health and physical health is now widely recognised by health professionals. And so a healthy mind, both cognitively and emotionally, is important for physical health and vice versa. You can improve your mental health in a number of ways. The NHS suggests ‘being mindful’ which is being aware of the present moment, and enjoying the here and now. This can stop feelings of anxiousness about the future, or regret and guilt about the past. You could begin learning a new skill, not only does this allow you to be productive but it keeps your mind busy and can give you a sense of confidence. Finally you could give back to others, volunteering and helping those less fortunate can give you a true sense of satisfaction and as a bonus you could help to change another person’s life. If you believe you have a mental health problem and it’s affecting your life and happiness, it’s imperative you see a doctor who can give you specially tailored advice.

Social Wellbeing

This is something that you might not immediately associate with good health, but as social creatures humans can quickly feel lonely and isolated without a good support network. This can affect mental health, and then physical health in turn since these factors are all closely linked. Social wellbeing refers to social equality and trust- pretty much the antidote to racism, stigma and violence. You can improve your social wellbeing by connecting with others and developing meaningful friendships. Forgive, don’t hold grudges and get back in touch with friends and family you’ve lost contact with over the years. Your social, mental and physical health will all thank you for it!

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