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Real Protein for Real Results

This is a promotional post. I was sent sample to try for review

Holiday Gift Guide Feature
If only we could end every workout with real protein by eating a snack of cooked chicken. Who carries chicken around in their gym bag? It is a great source of protein, but how can you get that same protein when your body craves it? Crave Protein has found a way to use chicken protein and make a delicious beverage you add to your water. Yes! You can drink your chicken and I can tell you it tastes great as a fruit punch flavor.
We all know someone who is into workouts, runs or the gym and chances are these relatives or friends are on our gift list this season. I can tell you that any health nut you know spends money on protein products so to get them as a gift is so great as they will use it. The best part is if you can find unique protein products that would be fun to give or make into a gift basket with other fitness items.
About Crave Protein
  • Protein from whole food-meat protein with less than 12% collagen
  • Free of common allergens
  • Bioavailable
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Clean label
  • Fruit Punch Flavor comes in a 12 pack box
Your body doesn’t crave just any protein, it craves whole food proteins and Crave Protein is not a broth or stock form, but from real chicken in a supplemental form. Giving packets of Crave Protein in a stocking or part of a health basket is a very fun and unique idea for the holidays!
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