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Quick & Easy Dump Cake Recipes

This is a product review for Dump Cakes Recipe Book

We are busy and the times we want to whip up a dessert for the family or need to bring a dish to a gathering seems like a daunting chore at times. I love coming across products that aim to simplify our busy lives. Cathy Mitchell knows our woes and has created a genius, time-saving recipe book. Dump Cakes brings you recipes so simple that all you need is the ingredients-dump in greased pans and bake! They are really that easy and delicious! 

In looking through this book, I can’t wait to try to bake some of these. I am cutting down on baked goods right now and reserving baking to moments when there are get-togethers. Sometimes, withholding these recipes from the family for a bit makes it that much more enjoyable when I get to making them  after the long wait. Except for a very few amount of recipes that may need an extra step such as melting some butter in the microwave, the recipes are so easy and truly portray the Dump & Bake claim. The instructions that follow the ingredients are so short. Some only need a sentence or two when all that’s needed is to grease a pan, pour in some fruit, top with cake mix and pour a wet ingredient and bake! 

There are so many unique recipes and combinations I had never thought to put together! Who would have thought to dump a can of 7-Up over cake mix and some fruit and bake? I sure didn’t! There are desserts for every palette from salty to sweet, fruity to chocolate. I had heard of these Dump Cakes and now I see why they are so popular! I have bookmarked the recipes I will make at the next event and I may even whip up more than 1 as they are too quick & easy!

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