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Pure and Natural Energy from Honey Stinger

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 Honey-Stinger-Product-Line | Parenting Healthy

Honey is one of the most natural sources of energy and it is low in carbs. So many years ago Honey Stinger began to market smaller packs of honey as natural energy bursts. From there it developed into honey snacks from chews, waffle snacks, bars and even a full kid line of natural energy as well as the other benefits of honey. For children,  you get snack-sized waffles as well as chews that are all organic and an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Honey-Stinger-Waffles | Parenting Healthy

I wasn’t sure  what to expect when I saw a thin package labeled (flavored) Waffle. Essentially, they are soft waffle-like crackers with a flavored honey center. I say cracker for the lack of a better word, but the entire snack is super chewy and delicious. You really can taste the real ingredients. They are wrapped in a single wrapper and are all organic. Some flavors are gluten-free as well.

Organic-Energy Chews | Parenting Healthy

If you like fruity, you’ll love the Organic Energy Chews. It’s like a giant, soft fruit snack for adults with blasts of fruit flavors. They are naturally occurring fiber and protein derived from 100% organic tapioca syrup and honey.

Honey-Stinger-Snack-Bars | Parenting Healthy

If you like to get your energy from nuts and grains. the Honey Stinger Snack Bars are wholesome and make a great mid-day snack. They are low in sugar, non GMO ingredients and gluten free ingredients and organic honey. There are 4 flavors: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Nuts, Seeds & Roasted Serrano, Cran-Apple & Walnuts and the Super Fruit & Ancient Grain.

Honey-Stinger-Kids-Organic-Snacks | Parenting Healthy

Now there are snacks for the kids too! Flavored organic honey waffles and sour fruit chews. I tried the sour chews and they weren’t sour as in puckered lips, but just a large blast of fruit flavor. My son says “these have the most fruit taste than fruit snacks..”. You won’t find any artificial colors or flavors or preservatives and HFCS in the products. They are all organic and make great lunchbox snacks or to pack for game day.

Organic-Kids-Waffle-Honey | Parenting Healthy

Honey-Organic-Kids | Parenting Healthy

You can find Honey Stinger products at sports and some health stores near you. Visit to shop or find the store locator near you.

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adriana lopez

Yummy I love honey and godo products that can keep me energized through the day. I did not know this brand thanks for sharing =)

Elizabeth O.

There’s no denying that they have an awesome spread of snacks! I love the waffles, there are so many flavors to try. I think it’s great that they’re all natural too.

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

I love their selection of food items! The waffles look yummy! 🙂


This is the first I have heard about these products. I am always looking for healthy snacks to try with my little guys so we will have to pick some up.

Rose Ann Sales

Wow, I want to try all of these. They all look delicious, perfect for breakfast!

Nicole Escat

Wow, I want to try these energy bars. I will try all of the variants!

Lisa Rios

Honey is always the best resource to heal your body in a natural way. I am in love with those Honey Stinger pack ideas and how they have options like snack-sized waffles to make it easy for kids to consume them regularly. Those Organic Energy Chews looks amazing as well. I would love to get some right away!