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New Pure Growth Organic Lunchbox Snacks

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New Pure Growth Organic Lunchbox Snacks

What is better than a new organic and nutritious snack option for the kids? How about affordable nutrition that tastes great. These snacks are so good, even I sneak them into my lunches. Available at Amazon and other retailers are the Pure Growth Organic Snacks from veggie chips to breakfast bars in yummy flavors.

  • Pure Growth Veggie Chips come in 4 flavors – BBQ, Spicy Salsa, Ranch and Sea Salt. They are organic, kosher gluten free and made with only real ingredients. All but the ranch are vegan as well.
  • Pure Growth Crispy Rice Squares are so delicious. These bars make great lunchbox snacks and are organic, gluten free, kosher and vegan and are made with brown rice. No GMO’s, artificial additives or trans fats either.
  • Pure Growth Oatmeal Bites come in chocolate chip and cinnamon brown sugar. Like other Pure Growth products they are organic and kosher and make quick breakfast or daytime snacks.
  • Pure Growth Snack Mix is probably my favorite or perhaps a tie with the Crispy Rice Squares. They don’t contain artificial colors, have no artificial flavors, contain no MSG, and offer 0 grams of trans fat per serving.

See all of the snack options at Pure GrowthOrganics website.

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