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Pure CBD is safe for usage and you cannot get addicted to it

There are over 100 different compounds found in marijuana and not all of these compounds cause a high or addiction. One such compound is CBD and NO you cannot get addicted or high using CBD orally or topically. I use a CBD infused lotion at 200mg for my sore knees. It works great and is just like using any other lotion only it helps minimize the pain when it flares up. Here is more information in understanding that pure CBD is safe.

Be careful! CBD can be obtained from different cannabis species, but it can also be synthetically produced. Knowing what brands are pure vs synthetic is a difference in what will actually work for you and that it is safe or not. I use Core CBD brand for me and even my dogs. Both Maya and Leah used Core CBD treats over the 4th of July to help with days of neighbors letting off big booms.

What develops marijuana and hemp is cannabis sativa. The two parts of this compound is THC (gives you a high) and CBD (no high because it is not psychoactive). Hemp, in particular, has higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC. CBD is derived from the buds and flowers of hemp and marijuana plants.

You may have heard of CB1 and CB2. These are two receptors that are in our body naturally. These receptors are all over within our bodies, but most reside in the brain.

Before we head back to science class, let’s look closely at this infographic about CBD statistics from MedAlertHelp

Let’s head back to science class…. your CB1 receptors are responsible for pain, emotions, mood, appetite, movement and more. CB2 receptors react with pain and inflammation. CBD is known to attach to these receptors, however now we know that our body primarily uses the cannabinoids before it even has a chance to attach to CB1 or CB2 receptors. This means CBD is somehow working before reaching its ‘final’ destination. There are some differences to how THC and CBD attaches to these receptors and differences in the compound arrangement (although the chemical compounds are the same). That’s more in the science and why one leaves a high effect and one doesn’t. I’ll skip that science jargon for now.

Lets’ skip to why I use CBD infused lotions. It is because they are great at treating inflammation, arthritis pain and sore muscles. Remember above how I said that the body uses up most of the cannabinoids before it reaches the 2 receptors? These cannabinoids are located just under the skin so the reaction starts there, near our surface.

Currently there are over 850 brands of marijuana-derived and 150 brands of hemp-derived CBD products. I use one of them, Core CBD. Core CBD has the highest of quality at the best value. It is made in the USA throughout Northern California, Colorado, and Kentucky, using no pesticides or insecticides. Also, their 100% medical-grade products are regularly sent out for rigorous independent testing. Look that your brand offers careful extraction of CBD in known facilities and can offer certificates and testing results as Core CBD does.

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