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Puppy Training with HERO Clean Products

I have partnered with HERO Clean for this feature and received product

Puppy Training with HERO Clean Products

Puppy Training with HERO Clean Products 

We have a new puppy that we have been puppy training with HERO Clean Products! She (Maya) is a Whoodle – half soft-coated Wheaten Terrier and half Standard Poodle. She is such a love and also such a puppy. We are now in a world of potty breaks every 2 hours, “no bite!” and kennel training.

How I discovered HERO Clean Products 

Changing subjects a bit, I was in NYC this summer at a blog conference and met so many brands for home and family products. One such booth I spent time at was HERO Clean products. I am a sucker for products that have a clean and refreshing scent. I also need stronger than what I can seem to find at times. We raise boys in this house and when I learned their product with cut odors and sweat smells I wanted to try it for myself especially in my husbands and boys shoes.

I didn’t know then how much potty training with HERO Clean Products would save me during puppy training.

Puppy Training 

She has been doing good for the most part but there was a day we kenneled her and we did stay away a tad too long. When I came back she was laying in her bed on top of urine after piddling in it. So off to the bath she went and off to the laundry room her bed and toys went. I sprayed her bed down first with the HERO Clean Odor Eliminator.

After giving it a spray down I put it in the washer with a HERO Clean Laundry Pac. I wondered if I should use 2 pacs for puppy urine but decided I wanted to see if 1 pac did the job. It tackled the smell like a champ! I had to wash on delicate with cool water then dry it low and not only is there zero urine smell it has a great fresh scent that is better than any detergent I have owned. I keep the pacs and odor spray in the pet drawer now as I reserved it as Maya’s product!

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While her bed was washing I gathered her toys and pt them in a pillow case and got them ready for the next wash load with a HERO pac. I then used the HERO Clean All-Purpose Cleaner to give her kennel a wipe down.

Then I needed a good hand washing and HERO Clean was there for me too with the Dish + Hand Soap that has that same great scent.

Am I satisfied with the Puppy Training with HERO Clean Products? 

I am convinced I would have been only half as successful to have completely rid the urine smell and be left such a great scent on Maya’s bedding had I settled for standard detergents I usually use. I am writing this 3 days later and her bed still has no lingering urine smell. If you are holiday shopping for a puppy or kitten owner – or a family of boys, these products will be a gift worth receiving. HERO Clean was built for the stinky guys with the clean scent THEY like, but tackled puppy like a champ too! HERO Clean is a technologically advanced home cleaning products line specifically formulated and fragranced for guys’ gear and homes.

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