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Pumpkinheads Childrens Book Series New Releases

This is a promotional post. I was sent releases.

Pumpkinheads Book Releases
Imagine & Peanut’s Mistake-October 6, 2015
Who better to write a series of children’s books about social and emotional intelligence than an Attorney and Entrepreneur? Karen Kilpatrick started the Pumpkinheads book series in 2012 because she wanted tools we can use as presents to teach these skills. The 2 newest books in the series was released this month.
Peanut’s Mistake

My son chose this book to read first. He loved it as he has been begging for a pet dog and felt sorry for his sad face on the cover. In this story, Peanut’s Mistake, Peanut the Dog gets a little excited and creates a big mess. He hides in shame and as Carmin finds him she helps remind him that we all make mistakes and together they can get the mess clean and good as new. It is a lesson about learning from your mistakes.

This story explores the power of your child’s imagination. The World can become a silly place if we imagine change in all the things around us. It is the differences in all things that make the world a beautiful place. 

Pumpkinheads is more than a book series, but a website full of fun for the kids. They can explore even more. Get your books and have fun today at

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