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Provost Academy Ohio is making the right connections for students

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Provost Academy for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


How engaged is your student with their school and staff? As a daughter of a school teacher and a PTA president myself, I can see a difference in kids attitudes about learning between those engaged and involved versus the students who have formed no relationships or engagement in their school. For many parents, engagement or social interactions can be so challenging for their child, that homeschooling or online teaching works best. Provost Academy #MyUnVirtualSchool is an accredited, online school that prides itself on the relationships it helps students form with peers and teachers. It is more than a computer and lessons, it engages the child with students of their same goals and professionals in their fields of their interests. These students and professionals can do, explore and engage in their work making learning engaging and hands-on.


An engaged student is a happy student and sometimes it is hard to make those connections in a large classroom setting. Provost Academy Ohio has all of the value you want in an online learning system and costs you nothing! Why? It is a public school. The staff works very hard together to ensure your child gets the one-on-one relationships with their peers and teachers by challenging them to go beyond standard capabilities. It is in this type of relationships with staff that a student can really get the flexibility they may need. Each child learns differently and to confine a child within standard guidelines can leave some learners frustrated and discouraged. Provost Academy does not produce discouraged students. They work with each child to find paramenters meant for them as individuals.

Some of Provo Academy Beliefs:

  • Relationships matter as much as academics
  • Questions are as important than answers
  • Students should connect with mentors
  • Learning can happen anywhere
  • Curiosity should be encouraged
  • Each student can be remarkable in thier own, unique way

So let’s recap: Provost Academy Ohio is FREE. It offers GRADES 6-12. It is ACCREDITED. You will find DEDICATED teachers and advisors. It offers a FLEXIBLE learning experience and STIMULATING content. It is as social as online learning gets. Engagement is important to the success and contentment of a student. My children attend public schools, but as far as online learning goes Provost Academy would do my children just as well if ever I needed to switch to online learning for them. Keeping social relationships is important and as a parent, having that available online in an educating environment will produce more sucees from that online learner.

What do you think? Can you take online learning and create this UnVirtual School of learning through relationships? Provost Academy wants to hear for you about your My UnVirtual School Idea. As parents, we know our child best. We may have multiple children and know each one learns differently. How does the idea of an online school that connects students and peers together to discuss goals over a cup of coffee or at the library if they need that connection with peers or help from teachers?
Not in Ohio? There are other locations as well including South Carolina, Georgia and Colorado.
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