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Protein Shakes from Zig are Portable and Lightweight #WheredoyouZIG

This is a promotional post for Zig #WheredoyouZIG. Opinions are my own

If you rely on protein shakes for a great snack between meals or nutrition before a workout, what might be a common issue with those powders? Would you say portability? 60% of protein shake users want their supplement while they are away from home and carrying pre-mixed shakes or baggies of powder you have to pre-measure and take with you is not ideal. The pre-mixed shakes get warm and are heavy in shipment so the cost is not too effective. Also, standing at your counter and measuring loose powder into a baggie or container takes time and makes a mess. Zig listened to these common complaints from consumers and went out to solve these problems! Zig Whey Protein is as portable and lightweight as protein shakes come.
Each Zig lightweight pouch contains 20g of protein powder sealed inside. Also inside is a MixingMesh that acts like a shaker ball so you get a consistent blend of powder and water without clumps. 

The instructions are simple-just fill, shake and drink! You get your protein on-the-go and at the temperature you fill it with! No scooping powder or shaker bottles to clean out.
Promo Code for you!

Now that you are excited to try this, how about a promo code? This is a buy one, get one offer. It expires on 6/20, 2015
Head to the Zig product page on Amazon and at check out, use the promo code: ZIGFF620. You must have 2 boxes of any combination  of flavors in your cart. One of those 2 boxes will be free!

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